Natural vs Artificial

If something is natural, it’s the work of nature, no or minimum altercation, conflict or manipulation is present in it. Tampering will reduce the life essence in things. It makes it appealing, at least for a while but then that appeal dies down, goes out of fashion. Apple is always an apple, it has been for as long as history goes and it probably will be still apple when we are long gone. You never hear of this new apple flavour mixed with gummy bears, oh you know they are making watermelons with chocolate chips in them… you say no… I just want the watermelon don’t mess with it because it is natural.

We also have heard of timeless work of art, writing, films that although were created long time ago still appeals to a crowd. I believe that is because there are glimpses of god force, life force within that piece of work, for whatever reason and thats why It doesn’t go out of date.

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