Keep pushing external preventive and curing measures

I don’t understand, we (governing class I guess) keep focusing on external measures to try to fix things. Simple example is a patient keep going to the doctor with a a headache and they keep prescribing him with a painkiller to numb the pain so two weeks later the headache comes back and he goes back to the doctor gets the same tablet and keep going back. Now I do understand the economical, political and controlling motives of this vicious circle for pharmaceutical corporations and governments and lobbyists. They have the controlling power and huge amount of money invested in this cycle and it is in their benefit to keep this headache and patients around for as long as they can just like a leech that it’s purpose is to keep the host alive just to suck the life out of them. What I don’t understand is the patient with the headache that keeps going after the temporary fix, only to feel the same or worse a while after thinking that this time he might be healed. Or am I naive to think that he even wants to be healed? That he just wants to numb the pain for now, and doesn’t really care why and where the pain is coming from?

It has become a great obsession of mine this act of attempting to cure pain superficially rather than healing them fundamentally (including what I have been doing in my own life).

a futile attempt to cure the symptoms rather than healing the cause. And I believe that can be expanded to anything really. Human body is a complex network of nods and arcs. The headache is a message that there is a problem in this system, something is faulty. Keep sweeping it under the carpet won’t work. If you keep doing that suffering is inevitable.

Same with societies, countries the world. Increasing rate of crime, violence and drug abuse etc. where are these coming from? More police is not the answer!

Why is the suicide rates picking back up again? Throwing anti-depressant at it won’t fix the problem.

Economic collapse, throwing more money at it by forming Royal Commissioning won’t fix it. The problem lies within human virtues, the greed!

All the pain is caused by us. If you travel to a city and it’s beautiful and everyone respects traffic rules and smile and people give each other way and it’s clean is not because of each and every individuals in that city. They are all working and living in harmony and when a problem arises a, pain is surfaced they will all work together to fix this problem hand in hand hence a heaven is formed.

Our body is the same, the headache comes from a problem, until all of you is not willing to work together to firstly and honestly find the cause and then be willing to work together to heal and eliminate the cause it won’t go away. The fundamental must be addressed.

Human fundamentals, the 12 virtues, the 4 virtues etc your philosophy must change, until then the headaches will keep coming back.

When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.” – Anonymous

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