Body and mind connection

The proof that your body and mind are not separated from each other, that they are connected is the biggest loser shows. Everyone on that show loses weight, some do extreme amount of weight, they eat healthy they exercise, they read about weight loss and as a result they lose weight, at least for a short period of time. However, a few months after the show there come out reports and news about so many of those people who got the old weight back on and then some. So one might ask why. Why someone who worked so hard, went through blood and tears, went through an emotion rollercoaster, achieved what they’ve always dreamed of, then undo all of that back to where they were or even worse.

The answer lies within this tiny word “Change”. The fact is that real change didn’t happen for them, there was only a scratch on the surface and as a result things are back to same old ways they were.

Your body is only a reflection of what is inside of you, inside of your mind. Your thoughts literally create your image. A contestant goes on biggest loser, the trainers manipulate their eating and make them exercise, they lose weight but the real change doesn’t even begin to happen. This person is fat because of layers upon layers of psychological issues, emotional issues, they might even not want to change their weight, they only agreed to go because other people told them to.

Long lasting result, a permanent break through, the real change is only achieved when happens when your mind shifts its attention. When you have the body’s intention backed up and lined up with your mind attention. When there is that internal force working along with you not against you. For that you need to know what caused that problem – in this case huge amount of weight gain.

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