Dying before dying

You are not the clothes you wear, you are not the house you’re living in, not the car you drive not the job you hold not, you are not the person or the lover, your husband or wife or children you have, you are not even the body you are in or not even the mind you think and reason with, make decisions with! You know? the voice in your head, you are not any of that. YOU as I, we are spiritual beings that are beyond the dimensions of this earthly plane.

I want you to imagine yourself right now after all of this is over, after the chase is over, after all the gizmo and glamour and worry of judging or being judged or where the next mouthful or coin is going to come from, after your vessel has expired, when the dust is settled when the noise is settled. When there is nothing left to smell, to taste, to look at, to touch, to hear… what remains is the real YOU and I. The void, the darkness, the nothingness, now you can feel the canvas, now you know it was a picture you were in, you aren’t the picture, but rather you are the brush, you are the paint, you are the painter. The painter and the paintee is all the same. It was painted on the canvas, you are the canvas, you have always been. You are the one who creates.

The idea of multiverses sounds like a science fiction, but the fact is that we all live multiple realities within our lifetime as is. We change our bodies, we change our friends, we change our diet, our interests, what we read, we change jobs, we change partners, we change countries. We live many different realities, we might even change our personality from time to time, how many times you have heard people say, I used to have a temper, I used to be anxious, I used to be this and that.

However, our essence, our being, doesn’t change, we just uncover more of it as we go forth. The more noise and distractions you have around you the longer it takes. That is why monks spend years detached from the world, which by the way doesn’t mean you will find something at the end, but that is where the idea comes from.

So if you are searching, in order to uncover a bit more with each step you need to let things die, meaning you’re not defined by things, you are not defined by people around you. That you are not defined by the collective consciousness of the people in your time.

How many times have you heard of people, celebrities, public figures that have it all, money, fame glamour, cars, girls, respect, etc. but behind closed doors are miserable. Not saying that whoever that has a lavish lifestyle is depressed and there is nobility in poverty because there isn’t. However, if you are defined by things, if you don’t know who you are, what your being is then you are bound to be shaken when things are taken away from you or when things don’t go your way.

Therefore if you want to truly be, if you feel like there is something wrong with all of this, if you feel like there is more and you are searching for it, then you must die before you die. And I don’t mean physical death, I mean death of attachments. Getting dragged around and rag dolled by others’ consciousness. They don’t know any more than you already know within you.

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